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Bush is NOT trying to reinstate the draft!!!!!!

H.R. 163 and S. 89 were both introduced by Democrats Charles Rangel (NY) and Ernest Hollings (SC)

The bills were introduced in January 2003 and would require both men and women to either perform mandatory military or civilian service. Both of these pieces of legislation are currently stalled and there's no indication that they are going anywhere anytime soon.
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hiya, i like your icon by the way.

i have to admit that i was takin in by the thought of a draft. and yes, i discovered that these bills did not support the theory. but my problem now is that i am still not convinced that Bush wouldn't attempt something like this. this is only bolstered by the fact that a democrat could propose such a bill. now i'm not painting in black and white, but the way i see it, Bush and his entire party are deeply invested in this war for better or worse, till death do we part.

this war is just a continuation of a trend to become a world police force that has increasingly spreading itself thin. in this particular case (as in vietnam) we underestimated the manpower needed to accomplish the goal.... whatever that is (WMD? a democracy? war on terror?). my worry is that the US will continue to need more and more people as it asserts itself globally, that we will continue to underestimate the world, and that we will CREATE a situation in which a draft will be necessary.

i think this is just the closest we have come to this reality since the last draft. weather or not there will be one is just as important to me as thinking about these trends and patterns that might send my children to war some day.

i'd love to hear your views. have a good one!
I wish you people would get it through your weak brains that there's NOT going to be a draft!
Bush said no draft!
well, either way, if there is or isn't...at least they will know how i feel....that's all that matters to me
Actually, they won't.

Because it doesn't matter how many internet petitions you sign, or how many protests you attend, they won't know how YOU feel, or your followers.

I don't understand why people think that protesting or doing things like not spending any money on the day of the election or whatever is going to make your voice heard in anyway.

It seems to do more damage than good.

Way to go!
Just like Bush said we wouldn't invade Iraq eh?

There is nothing wrong with being prepared and if what we do makes us feel better about the situation Draft or no Draft it's not hurting anyone.
Sent it to sixteen others so it should help a lil' bit.

Groovy icno btw.
Besides that the president has said there will be no draft and the Congress has voted down the draft bills, the military absolutely does not want a draft. Numerous senior military leaders have gone on the record stating that they are vehemently opposed to a draft. The all volunteer force is vastly superior to a conscript military. Volunteers are more motivated because they choose to join, not forced. This makes for a more effective service member.
That it does, and one certainly hopes it stays that way.

Problem is the powers that be don't always think about what's best for the troops.
I dun care if there is a draft i would be the first in line and sign up for the Marine Corps... and since there isnt a draft im still joining up to serve my beloved country OO RAH semper Fi!
good for you, the world needs plenty of red shirts such as yourself.