Stephen (calic0jack) wrote in destroythedraft,


I've created this community to give people who are eligible for the draft, and oppose it a place to discuss it, and start getting organized to take action against it. I want people all around the country to join this community. If you join this community, get people from your area to join it too. That way you can keep in touch with them about this subject.

First I'd like to give you this website. Notice it says that there is NO intention of starting a military draft whatsoever.

Now read this.

Note the difference. We are being lied to.

The major news broadcasters aren't covering this story. I feel lucky that I found out about it, so I could start doing something about it.

My aim for this community is to have it bring about the end of the draft, before it starts. Hence the journal title "Destroy the Draft, before it destroys us".

Lets get on it.
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